Saturday, November 29, 2008

SPOTTED: Lollipop Stylez *Newbie*

Jackets galore! Ah.. aren't they the smartest looking pieces you've ever seen, babes? Not your usual hoodie or cardi for cover ups. Wear these and knock those onlookers off their feet!

SPOTTED: Nerdy Closet

Oh boy! They have brought in more tee shirts, from Powerpuff Girls to Felix the Cat and even Julius, the funky monkey! Sizes for these are rather large and no worries about them being too small this time, eh?

SPOTTED: Ancient Orchids

More leopard prints? Woot! The season to be wild is here alright! Plus, when you check out that layer of faux fur at the top, how can you possibly deny this piece?

SPOTTED: Glitter Dressing

Dual tone your mini dresses this way babes! *grins* Simple, basic and yes, just perfect for the weekend that's here! Though a chilly one and the long sleeves are just perfect for the weather, no?

SPOTTED: Superrolling

Check out this vest already, can?! Totally something different from what we're used to seeing alright. Something like this sure brings out the style, the vintage factor and the classy babe in you too!

SPOTTED: Ur Sidelines

Time for a little handbag eh? After all we've had our fair share of what's big, versatile and convenient. Something dainty like this would be just perfect for a simple walk or a night out


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