Sunday, November 2, 2008

E-shop of the Week: Princess Boutique

There we go again, another week, another brand new e-shop! Woot! Isn't that fab? Check out her stuff already!

Andn lieu with the e-shop name, she has got a whole lot of dresses lined up for the princess you! Let's start off with the dual toned goodies! Tube dress? Sleeveless? Which one do you prefer?

And.. the dual toned goodies don't just stop there babes! Check out this one which goes vertical! Sure is one funky-licious top isn't it babes?

And more dresses, plain coloured ones be it a halter dress or one that is versatile that doubles up as a spaghetti strap dress. See, didn't I tell ya she has got it all?

And.. when it comes to dresses, you surely cannot miss out on the maxis, no? If you have yet to find yours or lost out to some other super fast customers, well, you know you can get yours here!

Or would you like a more laid back look, something with a vest with a tinge of the east? This one here totally is the right thing, can?

And.. for some country style shirts, or even shirt dresses as a matter of fact, she has got it all as well! Woot! isn't that fab? You know you like it *winks* Plus, notice her shoes? Totally for sale as well! What a fab place to shop, no? Tee-hee

Oh btw babes, she is totally having a clearance sales!


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