Sunday, November 2, 2008

SPOTTED:Diary of a Miniature Enthusiast

She has just uploaded a whole lot of charms! Customise and go crazy with your very own unique charmbracelet today. There is just so many varieties, you'll probably end up with more than just one charmbracelet, can? Tee-hee. And what more, the catalogue is totally being updated at the moment to include more goodies!

SPOTTED:Lush Serendipity

Is that a kimono top I see? And in satin? Oh my, looks like the kimono craze is at its peak once more babes! Like, totally because not only do they have floral designs but they even got geometrical ones and even one with Marilyn Monroe all over it as well!

SPOTTED:Cat in a Bowl

Rawr! go wild this season with prints and on kimonos! Woot! Totally the greatest combo, can? and in soft satin like this, who wouldn't want a piece of these goodies already? Tee-hee. Chop, chop to it now babes before they're all gone!

SPOTTED:My Dress Space

And we got more of them fierce cinchers, can? Fiery this one is! *grins* And it sure is gonna put in some statement there when you're wearing this one, no messing with this babe! *winks*

SPOTTED:The Colour Theory

Check it out. Those are some awesome 3 inch stilettos, can? and mm.. in black as well, these are gonna make your legs look sexy-licious babes! Woot! definitely one of a kind they are and better hurry along to place an order if you want a pair!

SPOTTED:Round Bean

Aww.. an angel on a charmbraceelet, isn't that gorgeous babes? *giggles* I know it is! I mean, we all wanna have our own angel watching over us, no? What more when your "angel" sends you this as a gift?


A sporty tee dress! Awesome, sometimes girls just wanna have fun, can? complete with hoodie and pockets as well too! Awesome! *grins* I would like to have one myself too! Woot!

SPOTTED:Candy Treats

And you just can't get enough of them check goodies, can? And that's exactly what they bring to you after their long hiatus *giggles* totally awesome and in season. Just what everyone wants at the mo!


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