Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I’m back!

Ok... I just realised I got a few hundred emails to look at.. so bear with me as it'll take some time to sift through and to review and all that. So let's start with the newbies!


Fancy watches? It's been a while since I saw any online actually. I totally cannot leave home without a watch even though the funny thing is I usually check my phone for time! *grins* Silly me eh? But nevertheless, for something that looks good and affordable, you should check it out here!

SPOTTED: Cherrylicious

Checkered shorts eh? Fancy that! *giggles* Totally something old school and something we all love, no? Get them now before they run out of sizes babes! I think we all should get our hands on one!

SPOTTED: Strawberries and Tea

Oo.. ruffles and satin sure spell out glam, can? *grins* I'd say so because this is totally what I see! I mean, how often do you come across something like this? oh btw, the cincher? Totally included with the dress!

SPOTTED: Glam Avenue

Ooo.. totally Bebe inspired can? wouldn't we love something like this? and without it costing you a bomb as well *giggles* totally the best bargains that you can find online, no? Get one already! Now, now!

SPOTTED: Vintage Toast

OMG, they have got books and only for RM 25!!! Well, did I mention I am a major book fan? Totally running out of place already with the books that I own now. Oops.. for book lovers like myself, come here and get soem. Of course, they have clothes too! At fab prices, no joke!


Something for the men now, statement tees for men! Come on now, the boyfriends can have their fun shopping online too as well, no? *giggles* Something like this? totally catchy, can? Get more from them!

SPOTTED: Absolute Gem

Get ruffle-licious with this here! The Victorian inspired style and puffy sleeves, ahh.. totally classy with this one here, no? I'd sure like one, dress to impress with this top! Especially the one in black *winks*


Crochet and embroidery, seriously what more could a girl ask for more with a dress like this? I'd say totally cute, gorgeous and grab it before it sells out! *giggles* makes you look sweet and feel all girly girl again, no?

SPOTTED: Clothes District

Just when you thought the gladiators were like sold out? Think again! They have them flats for you in silver and even some with fringe, can? last I check, still available. So you better hurry if you want some!

SPOTTED: Labels of Love

OMG, doesn't this look like something Blair wore for her 18th birthday? Just that hers was this sexy gorgeous bareback one though *giggles* So sexy! Anyhow, we always love a Gossip Girl inspired piece, can?

SPOTTED: Shopping Playground

More check goodies! And on shorts with little frills? *giggles* Totally cute! And so reminds me of the kindy days, somehow. Something like this totally are suitable when the weather is blazing hot, though it's been rather gloomy as of late.. hmm..


Your sister in shopping

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