Thursday, November 13, 2008

SPOTTED: Avenue Boutique *Newbie*

High waisted skirts anyone? And this one comes with checks, can? you sure don't wanna miss out on something like this alright. Because they hand pick all these goodies and are totally not restockable! So babes, don't wait!

SPOTTED: Your Beauty Shows *Newbie*

Yet another place to get them perfumes! *grins* Aren't you glad? Well, I am! Burberry London Special edition! But both and get them at a lower price! How awesome is that can? Now.. something for the upcoming anniversary maybe? *winks*

SPOTTED: Heaven for Angels

Ooo.. something from Kathy Van Zeeland! And a hobo bag too. surely this one here is something that catches your attention, no? I mean, why would you wanna miss an opportunity like this? totally love the colour and design!

SPOTTED: Click for Clothes

Ooo.. looking good in satin in this one here alright. Very chic indeed and it even comes with the belt as well! Seriously, I'm surprised it isn't sold out already. Something like this, totally affordable and gorgeous!

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

Go natural shades with this one here! I don't know about you but I do find green very soothing to the eye, probably cuz I'm pooped but come on, not everyday we get to see a green dress, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: My Dress Space

BF dressing, here they come more! And yes, in the ever so popular stripes this one here is definitely not to be missed babes! Fancy how it can be turned into a mini dress too eh? *giggles* Dare you wear?

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

There she goes with another one inspired by the big brands! You have to give her credit for it babes, I mean, something so similar? And you can totally afford something like this and look gorgeous without burning a hole in your pocket! Or daddy's pocket for the matter *winks*

SPOTTED: The Juicy Closet

How low can you go? *winks* This one here is totally sexy with the plunging neckline and oh, don't forget this halter baby is bareback as well *Giggles* Dressed to impress they say? Get this one to fit that phrase!


Dual toned goodies anyone? An done with a huge bow (pussybow?) at the bust as well. Something to flatter the curves isn't it? *giggles* I like this colour combo, don't you agree? Totally great contrast there!

SPOTTED: Divas Fashionistas

Speaking of plunging necklines earlier, check out this one from Victoria Secret! *winks* Totally sexy-licious can? I loike it! And wait.. this isn't all that they are offering, they are opening pre-orders to some pretty big brands there! Go check it out!


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