Friday, November 14, 2008

Just a note..

Just thought that there are a few things to clear up. I know it's lengthy, but do read up. Links provided for references

#1 - Using photos without giving credits/obtaining permission

There has been many incidences of e-shops using other e-shops' photos without credits or permission. As much as you credit them, it's best that you let the e-shop owner know you are using their photos. And cropping away the image is not an option. As you all know, they do spend a lot of time and effort for photoshoot. This includes, using photos for e-shops as well as for forums

#2 - Blogshops running away with customers' money

The case of disappearing blosgshops. Hmm.. seems to be more and more of these happening everyday. I personally do not think it's a wise idea to name names and display personal information of blacklisted customers or e-shops simply because, while we do not have a Data Protection Act like the UK, we do have a Data Protection Bill where it is yet to be enacted. As such, if you ever received calls from telemarketers, isn't it annoying? The same manner, we should not distribute anyone's details so freely. After all, you wouldn't want people suddenly e-mailing you for no reason, right?

Similarly, please do not copy paste people's mailing list as some people do not wish their inbox to be flooded by e-mails. Perhaps you can have an option to allow readers to choose whether they wanna be part of the mailing list? Plus, Feedburner does it for you! Or NotifyList and many others as well

#3 - Replies from blogshop owners about status of items and joy buyers

And.. blog shop owners, do kindly reply each other when the item is available. Hence to inform the other party so they don't think you ran off with their money etc. And same goes for customers who placed orders but never turn up or pay or reply e-mails after that so that other customers can purchase the item

#4 - Reviews only for Malaysian blogshops and brand new stocks

Have gotten a lot of e-mails from Singaporean blogshops. In the past I would review as they actually do deliver to Malaysia. But now that the number is overwhelming, I'm afraid I would only review Malaysian blogshops who carry brand new stocks. Selling something you purchased but never worn due to size differences do not classify as brand new stocks

#5 - Trade corner only accepts requests

As for the Trade Corner, yes it's called the trade corner and I will only accept requests not a place to sell pre-loved/pre-owned goods despite the name. There are reasons behind the name and for now, requests only please and thank you

#6 - Prohibition of contact lens sales

With regards to the sales of cosmetic contact lens as brought up by a reader from Fashion Truth, yes there is such a law. Under the Optical Act Malaysia 1991, Section 29:

Only registered persons may practise optometry

29. (1) No person shall practise optometry unless he is a registered person.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) but subject to section 30, no person shall prescribe or dispense contact lenses unless he is a registered optometrist.

(3) Subsections (1) and (2) shall not apply to a medical practitioner.

(4) Any person who contravenes this section commits an offence

Hence, I will refrain from reviewing e-shops who carries contact lens

Okies, that's all I think before I get too long winded. Ooops!


Your sister in shopping


babe said...

we saw someone using our photos to sell their goods, at a cheaper price too.... >.< really don't know how to describe this kind of ppl...

puteri said...

dear,u rlly r a love! =D thx 4 all these important notes. yes,i hv to say dat online blogshops hv been sum kind of trend thingy. yet, we r not aware abt all these simple things.

blog is not a place for all of us to take advantage by not applying laws to it. look at raja petra 4 eg. *not being political here.jz my 2 cents* as well knw, he got arrested cz of blogging.

so,learn from there. yes, blogshops may not hv laws or sumtin like dat. yet, i do believe dat 1 day, it will be implement in our Malaysian laws.

let's not get ourselves into trouble shall we? ;)

Janey Liew said...

I really think you're quite a hypocrite.

Quote you

"I'm afraid I would only review Malaysian blogshops who carry brand new stocks." and MANY OTHER blogshops that you reviewed OBVIOUSLY does not carry BRAND NEW STOCKS. Yes, the Supre dress was said to be BNWT, but so? Are you going to start reviewing pre-loved blogshop which sells brand new without tags or WITH tags items in between worn items?

Yes you once said you would review once pre-loved shops which started selling brand new stuff. But obviously JunkzDeluxe does NOT fit into that category because she's STILL selling pre-loved stuff.

I really don't get you and your hypocrisy, and the way you blatantly refused to publish my comments until I made a hoohaa about it.

Sophie T said...

dear Janey Liew,

so what does Brand new means to you? when i label them under brand new, they have their tags attached to it. does it mean it is not new?
to quote, she said exactly, '' only review MALAYSIAN blogshops with BRAND NEW 'STOCKS' "

is junkzdeluxe:

3. what does the word stocks mean to you? because the last time i checked,

" stock = a supply of something for USE or for SALE"

directly from the Cambridge Dictionary.

so, just because I do not STOCK UP ON something, doesn't make mine not stocks.

Honestly, I couldn't care less if Ashopaholics Den decides not to review my blog if you believe i do not have them brand new stocks that you call REAL STOCKS, but you have no rights to call her a hypocrite at all.

To be able to blog out everything that MATTERS to everyone out there, she indeed does not deserve to be called a hypocrite, or so, to be "hoo-haa-ED".

I truly hope you can appologize to her.

i'm not here to blunt your words, but to simply bland it.