Thursday, November 27, 2008

SPOTTED: Fine Lady Closet *Newbie*

Goods are handpicked and one of a kind, that leaves you no space for bumping into anyone wearing the very same outfit! Isn't that great? Like this one here, wear it with a pussybow or play around with it to wear it the way you like it!

SPOTTED: Forever Boutique

Another dose of the LBD! This one here is lovely as it if already especially with the lacey hemline over there, ahh.. totally ladylike, can? *grins* I loike it!

SPOTTED: Dolly Sins

That dual toned corporate look. Well, well, would you look at that! I think it looks fab, can? Especially with that little button there at the collar too *giggles* oh, and the belt is totally inclusive of purchase as well!

SPOTTED: Miss Capsicum

Ahh.. adorable in satin this one here is. notice the sleeves? I think they look greats. With minimal designs splashed all over and a little ruched at the bust, this can be worn off shoulder as well!

SPOTTED: Jade-Style

This one here has got to be the most adorable kimono top I have yet to see! Complete with zipper and an obi sash there for you, get this look and steal this piece already!

SPOTTED: A Touch of Simplicity

Another tee! We are on a tee frenzy, can? This time featuring our favourite coffee hangout, Starbucks! Tee-hee. I adore a cuppa of Starbucks, anytime! Don't you?

SPOTTED: Bimbs Wardrobe

Houndstooth fedora! Woot! oh, and this isn't the only design they have. This is just one of the many babes! Get yours today already! One of the designs is already sold out, so hurry!

SPOTTED: My Vintage Garden

Crochet details and satin together? Who would have thought that these would work out well but guess what? It does! Tee-hee. Isn't that great babes?

SPOTTED: Heaven for Angels

All you VS lovers, here is one sexy cut white shirt for the lovely you! Doesn't it look gorgeous?! I think it's uber sexy, can? Tee-hee. I loike it!

SPOTTED: Chocolate Velvet

Cinchers galore once more! The designs are getting more and more vintage and artistic, don't you think so babes? *giggles* I certainly agree on that one


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