Friday, November 28, 2008

SPOTTED: I Want Bags *Newbie*

Juicy Couture fans, scream! Tee-hee. Here are some bags for you to have your hands on, can? Oh, and if Juicy isn't your thing, they have other designer brands lined up too! Come check it out already!

SPOTTED:Bundle of Joy

Now even the boyfriend gets to dress up like us! Or well, was it the other way round? *giggles* Swell, either way isn't it great that the guys are getting their fair share from online blogshops as well?

SPOTTED: Sheri Shopie

Headbands, anyone? They are so many designs nowadays you can wear one for every occasion, just like Blair! Woot! Oh, there are no new epis this week.. boo..

SPOTTED: Elegant Extravaganza

Aww... aren't they cute? Them cherries? *giggles* I know! Here you'll find out an array of tube dresses in all sorts of prints! Go have a field day already!

SPOTTED: Crazy Wardrobe

Trench coat dress, anyone? While we may not be able to wear it as often as we want here, but hey you have to agree it looks pretty awesome, no? So dress up in style already!


Wow, this dress looks great doesn't it babes? Look at the material and the prints.. mm.. me likey it loads! *giggles* This one here sure is to look glam wherever you may be!

SPOTTED: Shopaholix Bar

On another note of glam factor, this one looks pretty awesome as well! The colour, the material and the sash there? *grins* me like it! Confirmed!


Your sister in shopping

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