Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SPOTTED: Iccy House *Newbie*

Sating shorts look totally hot! They are just the right length, cuffed for the casual look, in colours that are totally versatile and hey for a price like this, I'd say grab one before they're all gone!

SPOTTED: Flitterby

Looking for these? I have been! And boy and I glad to see them on sale or what! *grins* Available in 4 colours, last I check. They totally are the sweetest bunch, can?

SPOTTED: Crazy Wardrobe

More kimono tops babes! Woot! and they keep getting better, no? What more when they have got fined details on them like these to make it all the more demure!

SPOTTED: 'lil jewelry lover

Rings like these look totally vintage, can? this is just one of the many designs available, there are more of course! Come have a look see, before someone becomes their new proud owner!

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

Big bags we like best! And even more when you can transform this into a sling bag *grins* That's what we like about our bags being versatile, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Mezzanine

Ahh... some flats for us after all those stilettos! And they aren't just any pair of flats too as they have some gorgeous bling bling on them *giggles* pweety!

SPOTTED: A Touch of Simplicity

And yes, even more kimono inspired pieces are up for grabs. Especially floral ones like these, how can you resist? *giggles* looking totally awesome in black and white already!

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

They too have joined the bandwagon in carrying goodies with fringe details! Woot! Totally in style, can? I loike it! and they have a few colours for you to choose from as well too!

SPOTTED: My Dress Space

And for those of you who are still very much in love with them pinafores, here's something for you! Simple, plain and just the essence of the pinafore, can?


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