Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SPOTTED: Sze's Accessories

The newly added range called Audrey is totally Audrey Hepburn inspired with them pearls and the classic designs, these sure are accessories to treasure and to keep. Not only that, they make the perfect gifts as well too


Speaking of accessories, we have more from Mimpi with her ever so gorgeous designs. Totally melt my heart, can? And this new range is nothing less of that especially when it comes with a vintage gold heart locket

SPOTTED: A Fashion Obsession

What I like about them is their colour choices! Their basics come in all sorts of colours you really don't wanna miss out! Plus, the prices are ever so fab, more savings with more purchases!

SPOTTED: Branded Items Spree

Oh.. and you so cannot miss out this site when it comes to branded goodies, can? especially one that carries the animal prints *grins* Surely you would want a piece already, no?

SPOTTED: A Model Xcess

Cinchers galore! Get yours here before you miss out again. Everyone needs a cincher and one cincher is really too little. Have an assortment and have a blast pairing your outfits with the cinchers!

SPOTTED: Jafifo Boutique *Newbie*

More V-neck gorgeous goodies! Ooo.. in royal purple too eh? Totally love it! Btw, they are like so having a sale, can? Get 2 items for only RM 55! Woot!


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