Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ruffle-licious and looking good alright *grins* Here is so the place to get a dose of the smart outfits and they sell out so fast! *gasp* Better keep this one bookmarked babes!

SPOTTED: Miss Glamm

Tiffany&Co replica accessories available for pre-order! *grins* Totally *heart* their designs, don't you too? And I wish I could buy all of 'em cuz they just look so good!

SPOTTED: Room 8008

And this is what I would call a party dress alright! *grins* Something like this is sure gonna make you feel just right at the parties, look good, feel good and par-tay the night away already!

SPOTTED: Ruby Dutchess

Oh, they are so teasing us with these alright. Without revealing the prices and measurements yet, these sure are gonna keep you refreshing their pages till they appear!

SPOTTED: Dorfbury

They too have brought in those yummy-licious shoes! Woot! Something like Mary Janes, hmm.. not quite! But they only got a few sizes left though. So hurry already babes!

SPOTTED: White Label

You gotta give her credit, handling both a physical boutique and its online counterpart sure is no easy job alright! And yet she is still bringing us gorgeous goodies like these! *giggles*

SPOTTED: My Kedai Runcit

Ohh.. she sure makes the cutest designs ever! I even got myself one of her creations and I *heart* it to pieces. Tee-hee. Get yourself one today as well! Uber adorable, makes you wanna have a whole zoo of these!

SPOTTED: The Cute Closet

Looking familiar? Yes, there were the bears and then there were the bears on the tees! *grins* How awesome is that? and the best part of it all is the prices! Totally affordable, can?!

SPOTTED: Edjasz *Newbie*

Ahh..she sure is a hardworking one. Her hand made accessories, a e-shop for clothes and now one for the stainless steel? I'd say you go girl! *thumbs up!* and oh, the prices are totally reasonable too!


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