Thursday, November 13, 2008

SPOTTED: Fashion Unleashed

Don't mind me but I really like two toned goodies! What more when it's something you can wear to work complete with stripes and ruffles? Totally awesome, don't you think?


And yes, more babydoll tops! OMG, I remember back then when they were everywhere! Totally adore them, can? They make you look so sweet! Hence the name, no?

SPOTTED: Eye Catchers

More fringe on bags?! I see them everywhere now! And they are always, always in these neutral shades as well! But I have to agree, they look pretty awesome!

SPOTTED: Joan Bead Shop

Aww.. sweet pearls like these? Totally adorable can?! Something that speaks of elegance and glam without overdoing it here! Something like this is sure to be added to your collection!

SPOTTED: 101 Fashion

Who says we haven't got hobo bags? And they are mighty big too! For a fab price, stash this one quick before they're all gone babes!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

Well, as if you cannot get girly girl enough, something like these with charms that totally speak of your personality! More towards princessy, what say you? *giggles*

SPOTTED: Superrolling

More mock croc oversized clutches? Or.. hey make it into a shoulder bag as well! *giggles* Something like this, surely you cannot miss out on it alright!

SPOTTED: Chamber of Babylon

More nail stickers! And they come with pretty flowers and diamonds as well, can?! *giggles* I've never had like nail art done before but I really do like them! They are oh-so-pretty!

SPOTTED: The Attire's Attic

One bag, a few ways to wear it! This one here can be a shoulder bag, a sling bag, a clutch and go be creative already! Totally worth the price when you get so many designs in one, no?


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