Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tee-hee. Isn't that skirt a cute little thing? We sure don't see enough of these around alright. Bring back them youthful days when mini skirts, mini bubble skirts to be exact are the things we adore the most!

SPOTTED: The Kooky Thing

Plaid tights too? wow.. we sure love them tights alright. They are on everything and they look pretty awesome I must say, don't you agree too?! *giggles*


A handy and pretty tote this one is and oh, it is from Liz Claiborne too, can?! Brand new goodies imported all the way from the States too! Woot! Of course this isn't the only one

SPOTTED: Pink Gincu

Tie-dye water colour fun! Woot! This is so it, can? Tee-hee. Ahh.. we can never do without the mix and match of colours, totally perfect for the semi-casual event!

SPOTTED: Shopping Playground

Rufflelicious! Everyone is wearing something with ruffles these days, and there you were thinking isn't this like so Victorian era? Think again babes!

SPOTTED: The Juicy Closet

Fancy a plain top? *grins* and this one here comes with a necklace as well too. Something simple sure is good isn't it? and it's perfectly under rm30 as well!

SPOTTED: Petite Delight

More accessories! Woot! Plenty of vintage ones as well too *giggles* They all look gorgeous don't they? Tee-hee. Go have a look see and what's available there before they sell out!

SPOTTED: The Kittencake Shop

Studded cinchers, can?! Totally perfect for the rocker chick in you babes! Yea! Especially when we have seen too many of them vintage and floral designs around, something like this sure is good for a change

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

Is it me, or the maxi frenzy is really coming back once more? Tee-hee. Similar to the very sought after design, it makes its return once more! Babes, get your hands on them quick!

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

Floral goodies. Ahh.. what would we do without you? *grins* they are look awesome and with that sash there that almost doubles as an obi belt, this one here sure is an awesome piece (FREE SHIPPING TOO!)


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