Monday, December 1, 2008

Morning peeps!

I know, the blogger is up early, would you believe that?! Even I'm having trouble believing it, can? *grins*

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

Miss ballerina! Tee-hee. And that is so true, this little dress here has got a tutu layer, can?! So pretty! For once, not everything is sold out, yet! *grins* But do hurry if you wanna get your hands on them before they go poof! don't say I didn't warn ya now eh?

SPOTTED: Room 8008

A pink maxi dress?! OMG, that is like the sweetest piece ever, no? *giggles* I totally loike it, don't you too? Everyone's getting their hands on maxi dresses once more, so don't be left out now! Especially when there are just so many proms and event going on as we end 2008!

SPOTTED: Ministry of Clothes

See, what did I tell you about maxi dresses. Not only that, this one here in satin and the flower cincher there, how can you possibly resist?! Am falling head over heels over this one here already, can?! *giggles*

SPOTTED: Autumn Closet

Another one for the toga! Personally, I think they are great. This one shoulder thing, you get to flaunt some of that shoulder without doing too much of it, isn't that great? *grins* Especially when they come in these colours. Simply lovely!

SPOTTED: Xoxo Kiss

Long ribbed cardis? Who was saying they need some again? Here you go! Seriously, them cardis? They never run out of style and girls will always need more, more and even more!!! Woot! Don't you agree too?

SPOTTED: Miss Capsicum

Talk about the ruffles! They are everywhere! And this one here is definitely one of a kind with the sheer layer on top there. Mm.. totally sexy-licious there isn't it babes? *grins* I totally think so!

SPOTTED: Soul Chic

Ahh... she is back again! And back with good 'ol pinafores as well too. Do we miss them or what? Tee-hee. And of course this isn't the only type they have. Go and look see at what else they have to offer.


Layer them good! You have ruffles and then you have the layers. Seriously, this one here is so pretty, no? Plus, there is like a keyhole feature sorta kinda too, can?!

SPOTTED: Atelier Wendy Sue

While it doesn't snow on our side of the world, we still get to enjoy the beauty of snowflakes just as much! Especially when they are appearing in all kinds of designs on accessories! *grins* We totally adore them, can?!


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