Thursday, November 20, 2008

SPOTTED: Novel Creations *Newbie


Is it me, or is the festive spurting many new e-shops selling accessories? Well, whichever it maybe, we are happy for their presence, no? Especially when they come with goodies such as these that are fab for Christmas! Woot!

SPOTTED: Miss.Glamm

Juicy Couture backpacks too?! *grins* I mean like how cute is that, can?! Tee-hee. Something cute, big brands inspired and oh, you just got to have it despite the school days are over already! Woot!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

For more bags, why not try something weaved and the classic straw bag? It's not always about the big brands, sometime versatility and purpose speaks for itself! Don't you agree? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Phlox Studio

And more bags? Yes siree! A little sling vintage piece, can? Now, why wouldn't you want something as cool and awesome as this? Plus, totally lastpieces, so better grab it fast before someone else does!

SPOTTED: Blossom

Another shirt, you say? Nah-uh! Look closer and you will see gorgeous eyelet details on this one here *grins* Isn't that great babes? Something extraordinary on a very ordinary shirt!

SPOTTED: Secretly Lovely

How low dare you go babes? *grins* This one here is totally a plunging neckline alright. And that isn't all about the deal, check out the sexy back on this one. Time to hit the dance floor with this one already!


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