Thursday, November 20, 2008

SPOTTED: Skinny Heels *Newbie*

Halters and racerbacks galore! They have it all. The basics of the basics, but with an extra touch of glitter too! Tee-hee. The best part of it all? The price! Totally affordable!

SPOTTED: Malena Closet *Newbie*

I sure miss these pussybow tops alright. Especially when they come is soft satin like these, totally an extra chic factor to the simple blouse already, no? *grins*

SPOTTED: The Shoplifters

Another dose of the fringe goodies! Now, now, this isn't a dress with fringe but rather a necklace! Wow! Btw, they are totally handmade, can?! Salute for the creative designer!

SPOTTED: Daily Shopping Therapy

More basic goodies? Ahh.. you can never go wrong with the stripes, no? Wear it by itself or layer it, which ever that tickles your fancy babes! They still look awesome!

SPOTTED: Eye Catchers

Another plaid goody? A plaid sling bag for the matter babes. Isn't that great? I think its awesome, something different with it being a sling bag and wear it fun already! Woot!


You know you love them maxi dresses, especially when they are oh-so-pretty with colours and the design here! Tee-hee. Plus, totally slimming effect there as well! Awesome!

SPOTTED: Dressierre

More basics with these halter dresses. Mm... simple but yet sexy without screaming "look at me!" We sure wanna stay humble don't we babes? Tee-hee


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