Monday, December 15, 2008

All the newbies that I have yet to introduce to you babes!

SPOTTED: JMC Shopaholics

I dunno about you but I think that Baby Milo tees are the cutest things, no? Or well, erm, after the funky monkey Julius of course *winks* Tee-hee. Anyhow, it isn't every day we come across one so grab it now before someone else does!

SPOTTED: Frills Shoppe

Polka dottie! They are so the fashion comeback, can? Plus, the dress is totally layered for a puffy look, Ooo.. me likey! Perfect for those themed parties now isn't it?

SPOTTED: Sweet Toothsome

My, my, isn't that one interesting top there? *grins* totally love the fact that it's white *winks* and also the whole chain loop feature thingy majingy at the front! Last piece I heard, better get your hands on it quick ladies!

SPOTTED: Moto-Moto

All these cover ups are looking better than ever aren't they? Totally classy and stylish at the same time. and oh, the pin comes with it as well too! *grins* how fab!

SPOTTED: The New Colour

LBD, anyone? This one here is so Audrey Hepburn, no? *giggles* Man, you should like get a pair of white gloves and it will be perfect already! Woot! Check them out for more goodies!

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SPOTTED: The Apple of Your Eye

Old school style with this one here! *grins* isn't it just gorgeous? Totally a drift from the usual clutches we've seen around town alright. Get this and stand out in the crowd already!

SPOTTED: Destiny Blythe

If Swarovski crystals are your fancy, then here is the place to be. Now, now, they DO SHIP TO MALAYSIA, so that's why they are appearing here! And come on, for goodies like these, how can you not want them already!

SPOTTED: A lil of Everything

All these for only rm165?! Wow! That's a real fab bargain! I've personally used this one before and it isn't too bad, though I prefer for citrus/sporty scents, this one here sure is a head turner *winks*

SPOTTED: Chic Damsel

Woohoo! More skinny jeans and they come in the best shade ever, can? Get yourself a pair and be ready to rock the world already ladies! Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Fashionology

Ahh.. more braided goodies eh? A halter, a tube dress or even a tunic matched with leggings. Don't we just love how versatile these goodies can get? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Metaphortwo

If you're like me who goes ga-ga over stationeries and the likes, this is so the place to be! Journals, albums, envelopes and cards, all specially crafted by hand for the lovely you. Ahh.. isn't that great? Plus, they event have a discount storewide now!

SPOTTED: Color Box

More goodies from over the seas! This time round instead of coming from the big brands in the West, they are now closer to home where these cute lovelies are shipped in from the East! Woot!

SPOTTED: Cheremie Stiletto

Oh dear kimono, what would we do without you? In every design and material possible, this design has flooded every single e-shop there are! And are still at it as well!

SPOTTED: House of Venus

Fancy a pair of shorts babes? There you have it again! Available in 7 different colours for you to choose from. These essentials are sure more attractive when they come in so many colours, no?

SPOTTED: Missy Chummel

A Liz Claireborne clutch, can? *grins* Isn't that great? And oh, i so totally loike it because it's in pink as well too! Tee-hee. They have other goodies as well of course. Go have a look see!

SPOTTED: Fruity Sensation

If stockings are your thing, then you should so come visit this site! They have got so many designs and colours you're so gonna have issues choosing which you wanna buy, can?! *giggles* Don't believe me? Check it out for yourselves!

SPOTTED: Luella Belle

Layers, pleats and even a faux cincher sorta kinda? Wow, that sure is a lot of elements on one top there alright! Oh, and the best part of the deal has got to be that there is a discount on this piece!

SPOTTED: Bling Bling Bazaar

Angel's wings! Ahh, we sure need to see more goodies like these simply because they look so gorgeous, no? *giggles* I'd sure think do babes!

SPOTTED: Question

And even more tees up for grabs! Seems like everyone seems to be designing tees these days, no? And the best part of it all is that they are all looking great!

SPOTTED: Butterfly Mansion

Tee-hee. A zebra print duckie, can? isn't this like a confused duck *winks* But hey, they sure look awesome, perfect for collection as well. They have a variety there so go take your pick already!

SPOTTED: Lovely Promise

Aww.. isn't that sweet? A pair of couple key chain? And this isn't the only design available of course. They got plenty more! Woot! You should really go check them out!

SPOTTED: Paradise for Princess

Wow.. wooden goodies for accessories eh? Who would have thought?! Plus, they are totally colourful and fun as well! Try something like these for a change already!

SPOTTED: Clothesery

My fav! The hoodie! Woot! I think I'll never outgrow them hoodies. Oops! But hey, something so comfy, you sure want more of them, no? *winks*

OMG, so many newbies, can?! Me isa all woozy from the many tabs I have opened! Phew. And what an interesting variety as well! *giggles* Totally love that we're spoilt for choice, no?


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