Monday, December 15, 2008

SPOTTED: Dandelion's Kisses *Newbie*

Mini skirts, I loike them! Woot! And with stripes as well? Whow would have thought? Ahh.. show off those long slender legs already babes! Even more if you just came back from a holiday sporting an awesome tan!

SPOTTED: Rosette Coutures *Newbie*

Simplicity is the key! Something like this, ahh.. it's just a dress you wanna wear to everywhere isn't it babes? *giggles* totally love the flower bit as well!

SPOTTED: Soak Republic

There they go again with them earrings design so yummy-licious you really wanna get your hands on all of them! None is to be missed! Woot! Totally one of a kind, no? Wouldn't be clashing with anyone at all!

SPOTTED: A Fashion Story

Aww... is that cupid I see? Tee-hee. This sure is a cute pair now isn't it babes? For all Korean earrings and accessories, you'll find them here! Plus, she totally extended the sales period, can?!

SPOTTED: My Favourite Boutique

Is it me or are the ruffled tops a big hit? I mean like, they are everywhere be it plain or with designs like this one. And you know what, it looks totally fab paired with jeans like this!

SPOTTED: 45⁰ Workshop

And checked goodies s'more! *grins* Isn't this just great? A little puffy sleeved and a square neckline plus 10% discount as well?! Awesome, take this opportunity and make it yours!

SPOTTED: Like, Seriously

Have yourself a black and white Christmas with Like, Seriously! Totally heaps of goodies in the classic black and white theme! And this one here looks awesome with the off shoulder and checks, no?

SPOTTED: Trendy Hunt

An off shoulder piece or a turtleneck to go with this one? *grins* Whichever it may be, this one here sure looks awesome yet keeping you warm with the mini number, no?

SPOTTED: Autumn Closet

Even more satin maxi dresses are available! Man, don't we just adore these dresses? They totally have the slimming effect and elongate your figure, no? Woot!

SPOTTED: Vibrant Swirls

Ahh, even they have brought in shoes as well! *giggles* Man, we sure are gonna run out of place keeping the shoes aren't we babes?! But then again, one more pair wouldn't hurt, would it? *winks*

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

Look like a mermaid in this one here babes! Woot! Now it isn't *sold out**sold out**sold out* yet! Because this one here is totally restockable! In white only, that is! So hurry to place your order before it's all gone!


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