Friday, December 19, 2008

OMG, mere hours away from the Fleur De Lis!!!

Apologies for the lack of updates, there is a lot to do for the event! Hence the reviews will be on halt and also for those who have enquired about the advert slot, rest assured it will be up again in Jan09, am trying to work out something different to accommodate everyone!

See you there tmr! And Sat! And even Sun!!


Your sister in shopping

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Anonymous said...

i think that what you are trying to do nowadays (e.g., improving the site, add more cool stuff in the site and organise an event) is great. but u have to remember, some of the purpose of the visitors came to ur site is to know about more updates from the e-shops. however, lately i realized that u seem to neglect on the main purpose as to why this site is created (which is to give reviews every-now an then).

ur review nowadays are becoming quite slow. im not complaining, and i still know u got other things to do as well. but try not to forget on the main objective on why u set-up this site.