Thursday, December 18, 2008

What’s the Trade Corner all about?

Now, now. I know despite the name, I've only accepted requests and not for babes to sell their pre-loved/owned goodies. Well, guess what?

The Trade Corner will come to live on Saturday and Sunday at the Fleur De Lis! Woot!

This is how it works. It's pretty easy peasy actually. It's like the name goes, the trade corner, you trade! While shopping for clothes to usher in 2009, bring along you pre-owned/loved goodies as well! Anything goes (minus the lingerie and all that of course >.<)

Here are the little rules for the trade corner

Rule #1: Bring in your pre-loved/owned goodies. Make sure that they are in okay condition i.e. no holes, no torn seams, no malfunctioning zippers etc

Rule #2: Register at the Trade Corner. Someone will attend to you to take your name down and sift through your goodies before displaying them

Rule #3: Barter them goodies out! For a small fee (like omg, super small fee), you can take home whatever that's displayed there! Imagine this, someone put a pair of jeans there because the person simply grew out of it. And if it's your size, you can so take it home for a teeny weeny fee!

The best part of it all is that this fee is standard. Be it a top, dress, jeans, a pair of shoes or anything, it's still the same small fee! But of course, all goodies are pre-loved/owned.

At the end of the Fleur De Lis, we, the organizers will gather all the clothes from the Trade Corner that was not bartered and donate to charity. So, hey, come and shop this weekend, bring along your pre-loved/owned goods (since most of us would be clearing them out to make space for the new goodies) and do your part for charity!

See you there!


Your sister in shopping

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