Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SPOTTED: Daily Shopping Therapy

Strappies! Now we sure haven't seen you aroudn much as of late, no? Especially with the rage on the pumps and wedges. Something like this sure is good for the upcoming Christmas parties, can?!

SPOTTED: Momento Shoes

Ooo.. season for shoes is it babes? Simple floral designs on them ballet flats! And oh, this isn't the only kind they have too. Check out the other awesome designs or even some plain ones!

SPOTTED: Ladies in the House *Newbie*

Bags, we so cannot live without one! Where would we put all our belongings? Tee-hee. Here you will find an array of them! And the bets part? Totally affordable!

SPOTTED: Bimbswardrobe

Ahh.. Christmas collection! *grins* I'ma all up for it! It is totally the season to be jolly, especially when you see heaps of goodies like these! Woot!

SPOTTED: Princess Feverlicious *Newbie*

Check out this mini dress, can? Oh.. as if that isn't intriguing enough, you totally got to check out the sexy back on this one here! Woot! Totally one of a kind!

SPOTTED: The Kooky Thing

Another dose of the BF? But styles it our way? *giggles* Totally right, babes! Man, I love how you can wear a shirt and style it so many ways with a little twist here, a knot there and a cincher!

SPOTTED: Branded Items Spree

Elmo-mo! I don't know why I always call Elmo that but the weirdest bit of all is, I've never watched Sesame Streeet before! I'm totally a Barney kid though I think Elmo-mo is the cutest thing ever!

XOXO, Your sister in shopping

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