Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SPOTTED: Round Bean

Just when you thought that charm bracelets were all that jazz, think again! Anklets are equally as funky, if not better too! *grins* I adore anklets but never had any because they keep getting lost for some reason. Oops!


Juicy and footie fan? This one here is totally perfect, no? *grins* I'd sure think so! What would we do without all these yummy accessories babes? They are really a fab collection to start!


Now we even have got some awesome ones based on your zodiac sign, can? Woot! I loike my colour, totally mysterious and awesome. Wanna guess which one it is? *winks*


Check out those sexy heels already! Woot! And in white, totally my fav colour, can? What would we do without a pair of yummy heels, eh babe? *giggles* We sure like our heels!

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell

More Aldo inspired wedges! OMG, we so love the shoes alright! Wedges, heels, glads, everything and anything, we like them all! And do grab a pair before some one else gets their hands on them!

SPOTTED: Behind the Seam

Totally one of a kind this bag is. Flip the bag and you would see a whole new look! *grins* Isn't that just plain awesome babes? Tee-hee. Totally a must-have!

SPOTTED: d Lookin Glass

A simple clutch cum sling bag is something we all need, no? Especially when they come in such versatile colours like these here, how can you miss out on it?!

SPOTTED: 45⁰ Workshop

We totally need more clutches! And you can't say no to one in gold, right? *giggles* That's right. So get yours already for this fab price! Don't miss out now!


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