Sunday, December 28, 2008

SPOTTED: Daisy Deariesx *Newbie*

Wasn't everyone looking for something like this? Not only do they have it as a top, they also have got it as a dress as well! Woot! Now, now, only a few colours left so you better hurry along and place those orders already!

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

Skinny jeans, we've seen much. But something like this? Ahh.. I wouldn't mind wearing it at all! looks uber comfy and not to forget those cool looking pockets there. Tee-hee. Totally one of a kind!

SPOTTED: A Girl's Wardrobe

A bf shirt or a bf mini dress? *giggles* Whichever it may be, this one here is affordable and also comes free with a cincher! Woot! Isn't that great news babes? We totally love it when the entire outfit comes with a single purchase!

SPOTTED: The Attire's Attic

More of them sakuras on them kimonos! *grins* I dunno how she does it but hey, they really look awesome babes! And I think it will totally suit the CNY festivity as well!

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell

You sure gotta ask them how they do it by finding those Aldo inspired pumps! Thumbs up for them! Plus, it's velvet coated at certain part of the shoes, can? *winks*

SPOTTED: Lux Darling *Newbie*

They may not be leggings or skinnies but they are straight cut denim pieces! Something comfy and perfect for lazy days and weekends, no? *grins*


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