Sunday, December 28, 2008

SPOTTED: For Love of Clothes *Newbie*

Well, we have seen a fair share of layers on our clothes but something like this? That's a brand new scene there isn't it babes? *giggles* And savings with more purchases as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Pastel Stripes *Newbie*

Kimono inspired? Somewhat so. But nevertheless it sure is one unique top isn't it babes? And this is what we're looking for, no? To stand out in the crowd! Woot!

SPOTTED: Clothes For Fun

Part accessory, part of the dress. This one sure looks good for the walk on the beach, no? And it's the last piece as well! Wouldn't wanna miss out now, would we?

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

Speaking of last pieces, here's another! And this one is limited edition as well too! A basic maxi and the simplicity of it is totally a plus point for this, no?

SPOTTED: Lollipop in Wonderland

Minidress with a hoodie! I loike it, do you? Tee-hee. I always had a thing for the sporty kinda goodies as well. They are just so easy to move around with and chic too!

SPOTTED: My Clothes Affair

Red is sexy! And red is in season as well with Christmas and CNY round the corner, this surely will just fit in, no? *giggles* And yes, available in other colours as well too!

SPOTTED: Clothes I Like

Basic coloured spags with a twist! A colourful brooch comes along with it and this suddenly don't look too basic no more, can? *grins* with a few basic colours to choose from, why wouldn't you want this again?

SPOTTED: Mini Pose

Get comfy with long sweaters such as these babes! They are surely the thing you wanna get cosy in when it is uber cold! I've been to malls past few days and my, they sure are freezing alright!


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