Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SPOTTED: Iccy.House

You know I've actually seen some of these selling in the malls for an uber high price, can?! OMG. And you totally squeal in delight when you find out that the prices online are way cheaper for the same yummy piece!

SPOTTED: Shopaholic Wonderland *Newbie*

Return of the two-toned goodies! Woot! Don't you love them already? *grins* Especially for the work place, something like this sure is a twist from the conventional goodies!

SPOTTED: My Vintage Garden

Cinchers galore in their latest update! And there is only one piece left for this one here! So you better hurry if you wanna get your hands on some alright! *winks*

SPOTTED: Velvet Ribbon

Two toned, more! And it really is cute with the whole bubble skirt effect there, isn't it babes? *giggles* I sure loike it! Don't you too? *grins*

SPOTTED: Eye Candy

Ruffle-licious with this dress here. A pretty halter dress with plenty of details to boot, this one here sure is a perfect party dress, isn't it? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Ultimate Dazzle

You know Chinese New Year is really close when you see goodies like these, no? *grins* Especially in that vibrant dose of red goodness, ahh.. how can you not miss out on it?! Plus, I think it's uber cute too!

SPOTTED: Our Mutual Passion

Tee-hee. This is cute, no? The Mickey body and with our head on it. Something simple but cute nonetheless, so why don't you make it yours already babes?!

SPOTTED: Evacaely

Of heart locks and keys, this is something almost every girl has, no? *grins* Especially when it's a necklace, definitely making a statement with it already! Woot!

SPOTTED: The Honey Room *Newbie*

Goodies inspired by the big brands and you do not have to pay a big sum! Good thing about it is that you totally get to make purchases online and they'll ship it to you! They ship to anywhere! Woot! Now hurry and get yourself there and clicking already!

Psst! I heard, that they are giving ASD readers some privileges too? *winks*


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Anonymous said...

I visit this site often to check out the updates on online shopping but lately i find the way items are being reviewed here are quite lacking in substance. Isn't this supposed to be a fashion site? Is it me or are the reviewers too overly excited at the sight of every single piece? Pardon me for being frank.