Tuesday, December 23, 2008

SPOTTED: The Kittencake Shop

Sure reminds me of the cutesy lady bug doesn't it babes? *giggles* And yes, you can so take it home with you for only rm45! Woot! Man, do we love shopping online or what?

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

LBD with some bling in there. Tee-hee. I think it's awesome! And for a price like this, it sure is a steal alright! Woot! Get it and make it yours already!

SPOTTED: Kiss and Tell

You know you want them. The booties craze, oh man, they just make you wanna own every single pair you lay your eyes on! *grins* Or have you already done so?

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Aww.. isn't this just the cutest ever? *giggles* Totally in season as well, no? I totally saw my friend looking at this and was surprised it's not sold out already! Woot!

SPOTTED: Ve-rona *Newbie*

These are all one pieces only for the lovely you! Handpicked for your liking and you'd be sure not to clash with anyone else on this one alright! Woot!

SPOTTED: Dolly Cherry *Newbie*

I dunno what is it with me and the toga dresses but I sure do love them to the bits! *grins* They just look awesome for parties, events, anything! Not too dressed down or dressed up!

SPOTTED: Chocolate Velvet

Cinch it baby! Woot! In less than a year, we have seen them evolve from girly girl ones to fierce to vintage to every kind you possibly can imagine! They are just one necessity you cannot do without!

SPOTTED: Embellish Me

See, what did I tell you about variety already, you really just cannot have enough of them alright! *giggles* I bet 'cha all have heaps of them already, no? And more to add on as well!

SPOTTED: Seductive Royalty

A sexy pair of denim shorts is no stranger to us girls, no? I used to have so many! Never quite figured out how come I stopped wearing them. They're like the most awesomest pair of shorts ever!

SPOTTED: La'Belle Extra

Tee-hee. So cute isn't it? I personally am no big accessories fan, but little things like this still make me go, "Ooo.. me likey!" Tee-hee. Are you like me as well? *winks*


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Anonymous said...

The dolly cherry dress is not a toga dress, just that the ribbon are slighty higher only but its actually a spaghetti strap/tube dress.