Saturday, January 24, 2009

E-shop of the Week: Ten Lady Toes

We have seen clothes plentiful, time for some shoes! Hand painted designs that is *grins*

SPOTTED: Ten Lady Toes

This one here looks perfect in time for the CNY, no? Tee-hee. Of all things red, plus it's also fun! Not your average design on a pair of flats, eh?

And sakuras! Oh how I adore them! I would really love to see them bloom for myself. If you're just like me, getting yourself a pair of these would be fab!

And more floral designs! Of course, you can have them any colour and design you want you know. Here are just some samples of the off the rack designs, all ready made!

More of it in monochromatic shades! For those who love simple designs and colours, here's just the right pair for you, can? Tee-hee. Or you can totally use it to design something else! Add on to it!

Or want some cartoon characters on them? It works too! I personally got a pair as well, with Toki Doki characters! Uber cute, can? *giggles*

You can even add on goodies to them! Creativity is endless when it comes to customizing your very own pair of shoes! Oh.. they also have other kinds of shoes besides flats to choose from

Experiment with designs, with colours, with glitter, with add-ons. The possibilities to the outcome are endless, you might even end up with more than one pair!

Inspired? Got a design you wanna have? Shoot her an e-mail right away and have it made! Your very own pair! You can totally add your name to personalise it as well too! Woot!


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