Saturday, January 24, 2009

SPOTTED: Beauty 101 *Newbie*

Many of us take the sun exposure we get for granted, but it is very important to protect the skin, can? And here's one place that offers you plenty to choose from! All to do with skin care!

Beads Garden *Newbie*

The accessories blogshop sure are working ahead of time, preparing goodies in time for Valentine's can? And what a perfect time, no worry about lacking in finances when the ang pows come in!

SPOTTED: Trendsettershop

Get yourself some fierce looking boots there alright! Woot! These here are mighty laced up and with a height to boot! You sure don't wanna miss out on these

Vibrant Swirls

Pleats running down and ruffles there, if demure and lady like is the look you're after, then this one here sure is the right piece for you babes!

SPOTTED: Threadmark

They call it the midnight rose. And the name is totally suitable for this top here, or is it a mini dress? *grins* Either way, this sure isn't something to be missed!

Sugar Dressing

Even the high waisted skirts have a bow attached to it too! *giggles* Isn't that just adorable babes? And a little extra touch to formality!

SPOTTED: Clothesville

More of the high waisted skirts for you? Tee-hee. How about one here with buttons as deco, then? Ahh.. The classic black skirt sure has come a long way hasn't it?

Coco Goddess

While we're at it, all things black and formal, why not try a pair of shoes? I swear I saw something similar in Charles & Keith not long ago too!


And with more shoes! This time some oxfords and looking casual there. Ahh.. we never get enough of shoes, there are just way too many to choose from!!


Your sister in shopping

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