Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Newbies for the day!

Man, there are so many newbies everyday! Woot!

SPOTTED: Signature Style

This long jacket here comes with a whole lot of buttons, belt and a hoodie too, can? Tee-hee. This is gorgeous! Though not exactly ideal for our climate, but hey, we'll so find a reason to wear it, no?

SPOTTED: Bits n Bobs Msia

And.. we start off with more accssories! *giggles* We have so many of these e-shops now and yet we never fail to Ooo.. and Ahh.. about the many different creations, no?

SPOTTED: Dramatic Bombshell

A tee covered with nothing but just shoes, can? OMG! This is just too cute to resist, plu s the price for this one here is only 20 buckaroos! That's a steal babes!

SPOTTED: Green Bananas

A kimono dress with musical notes all over it? Woot! This is a cute piece isn't it? Definitely never came across one like it before! *giggles* I loike!

SPOTTED: Damn Glam!

You should totally read the statement on this tee, can? *grins* Very narcissistic, but hey, an ego boost every now and then is alrighty, no?

SPOTTED: The Spring Attic

Now this is an interesting piece here isn't it? Ruched at the bust and dual layered, this one here sure is a sweet piece, no? And it's only going for rm28!

SPOTTED: The Beadazzlers

Pearl necklaces! Ooo.. how often do we see these? They're gorgeous and definitely a perfect piece to go with that LBD, no? Tee-hee. They've got more, so go and have a look see!

SPOTTED: A little Chemistry

You're looking at one piece only handpicked pieces! And not only that, this one here is a versatile piece! Up to you to play with the straps! Tube dress by day, toga by night! Halter for another day!


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