Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SPOTTED: My Vintage Garden

Of vintage prints, here are plenty! Especially for you out there who adore floral goodies too *giggles* This isn't the only colour of curse, plenty more to choose from!

Crazy Wardrobe

Ooo.. check out this blouse here. Wonders can happen with a little extra pleats here and there, no? Tee-hee. Which is great! More variety to our clothes!

Oh! Cotton Candies

Playsuits are your bestie? Tee-hee. Then check out their latest update! They got three different designs for you to choose from, can? Go have a look see!

Like, seriously

Fancy a toga top? Here is more! A whole mix of both vintage and brand new goodies that keep you wanting more each week with a brand new chapter! Woot!


Butterfly beauties! We missed you so! And what a lovely brooch this makes, no? With the two sweet delicate clay flowers there too. Tee-hee

d.e.s. it

This cute mini dress is one with polka dots! Really! Click to enlarge the image and you'll notice it comes with some handy pockets as well too *giggles*

SPOTTED: Fabulousity Boulevard

Sequined dresses I've seen plenty, but sequined bags? Wow! That's a first for me! Imagaine the attention you get when you flash this baby in the clubs!

SPOTTED: Sassy Chic

Fancy a silver button down top? This one here sure is a sexy-tary top, can? *grins* Something different from the usal lines and plain colours, no?

Iccy House

A brand new layout and brand new goodies as well too! Isn't that great?! Check this chiffon beauty out! I know, I'ma sucker for white goodies but it sure looks awesome, no? Like an angel!

Phelauwer Boutique

Ahh.. we haven't seen these in a while have we? The ribbon tied cropped cardis! And I totally love this shade of blue, am starting to fall in love with a new colour!


Your sister in shopping

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