Monday, January 19, 2009

Note: Updates will be rather delayed throughout the week. Am on the move a lot


SPOTTED: The Chocolate Buttons

Ooo.. who loves a good pair of shoes? No, no, not pumps of stilettos this time, just plain simple heels! And they sure look good to go with almost everything, can?

SPOTTED: Little Mizz Petite

Your very basic off shoulder top! Going for only rm20, can? Time to flaunt those shoulders there already babes! Woot! Get yourself a piece of this irresistible top!


Denim leggings, anyone? For those of you who have been searching high and low for some knee length ones, here you are! Don't wait now, you never know if there is a next time!

SPOTTED: Phat Culture

Get that sexy-tary look with this one! Ooo.. you gotta love the ruffles when it comes in this material, no? Plus, it's white, very corporate looking there


Maxi-licious with this one here! looks completely tropical there doesn't it? And we sure love them! Plus, the price? Totally affordable! Don't miss out now

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Fancy a pair of red skinnies? Woot! We're sure stocking up on them red goodies alright *grins* And skinnies, we surely cannot miss out on this one. No one's gonna say you're not wearing the right colour this year!


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