Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SPOTTED: Absolutely Irresistible

Woot! Yet another instalment of the wild prints! *grins* and I thought it was so over but nope! The big brands are still carrying them and so shall we!

SPOTTED: Classy Cinnamon

More bubble dresses! Tee-hee. And in satin, smooth satin. And so many colours to choose from too, leaving us totally spoilt for choice, can? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Ministry of Clothes

Ooo.. me like this one here! Especially the monkey, that's so cute! Only one piece available, so hurry along if you wanna make this piece yours!

SPOTTED: Pumpkin

One last piece! You know how quickly the goodies go here, no? And this sure is one cute piece with the stark colour contrast, polka dots and all! Woot!

SPOTTED: Drestres

All red and ready for the festive season this one is! *grins* Nothing too casual, in fact it's rather dressy, don't you think? Tee-hee. Fit for the occassion

SPOTTED: Oh, popsicles!

And yet another cheongsam! Very modern with the colours and art work there isn't it? *giggles* they have another design as well, so go and check it out already!

SPOTTED: Closetz Galore

They brought in goodies from abroad, this means there's only one piece and totally not restockable! That's right babes, if this one here caught your eye, then be quick about it!


Ooo.. another tartan piece there eh? Love how the red and black stands out with each other. And it comes with a sash at the back as well. Or.. you could always tie it at the front too!


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