Thursday, January 8, 2009



I hope you all understand the term "vintage" = hand me downs from another era. I also understand there are "brand new" vintage, pardon the oxymoron where suppliers provide trends from the past but the clothes are brand new. I will review what we call the "brand new vintage" like I have but will refrain from reviewing vintage goods in its literal meaning.

Only e-shops running a business in selling BRAND NEW ITEMS would be reviewed. This does not include:

  • Pre-loved (i.e. brand new, never worn, with/without tags)
  • Pre-owned (i.e. vintage, worn, fairly new etc)
  • E-shops carrying both brand new & pre-loved items (this confuses the readers and myself)

If you do not see your e-shop reviewed, you have either the above mentioned items, or your items have already been sold by other blogshops. I appreciate it that you do not lie to get your way through for a review. I also appreciate readers who make their concern known about this.

If anyone can think of a better way to classify things, please let me know.

Thank you


jazz_curls said...

just a suggestion.. i think you should review vintage clothes... as in proper vintage like the ones in a'xteqs or pachenta vintage.. just a suggestion :)

Fuming said...

hi pls ban as she has conned many buyers. read her chatroom n you'll know what i mean >>:o(
As of now, she is MIA!


Janey Liew said...

I'm glad that you finally made this decision and clarified yourself. :)

Anonymous said...

I am rather dissappointed in your decision in discriminating vintage clothes and so on. I personally look forward to reviews on vintage clothings. Is there a proper explanation as to why you are doing this?

chris said...

Review, just continue review! We will surely support u as long as ur post is up-to-date, frequent and post daily. ;)

Lisa.G said...

So meaning you're not gonna review shops selling both vintage and brand new item?
but i like shoplifter and like seriously leh...
and also atteqs and 6ts...
pls review vintage as well