Friday, January 9, 2009

SPOTTED: Bunny Noo

Do stripes tickle your fancy? Especially when they come in a wonderful combination of colours like this, how can you possibly resist? Ooo.. I like the bow there as well too!


Pussybow tops we like 'em! And a top in the shade of green sure is a rare find these days isn't it babes? Tee-hee. I'd sure think so! And this is one of the very rare finds!

Brown Sugar Addict

A little cap sleeved dress there eh? *giggles* Isn't that cute? And it looks totally awesome with a cincher like that as well too! It'll do good for both work and play, no?

Le Femme Fatale

Look at them shimmer babes! These earrings here sure are something different from the usual! They're big, sparkly and oh-so-unique, no? *giggles*

Frills Shoppe

Oh, how cute is that? A tee with a vest. Aww.. perfect for days when we wanna look casual and laid back, no? And yes, it comes together as a set! Woot!
SPOTTED: Simple Dresser

They hit it with the prints, can? Woot! This one here looks awesome and it definitely doesn't break the bank with its price like this, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: House of Beauty *Newbie*

There you go girls. Pussy bowed long sleeved shirts for the soon-to-be working ladies! Or.. you could always wear them out, they look totally charming don't they?
SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

Looks like she's on the roll! Updates everyday! This is awesome isn't it?! And definitely not failing to impress as well. Keep a tab on this one here, more to come!

SPOTTED: Se.xx.y

Ooo.. this round of updates are totally not to be missed, can? They have goodies from headbands to tops to dresses and even shoes! You can make so many combos with the amount of goodies they brought in this round alright!

XOXO, Your sister in shopping

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