Sunday, January 11, 2009

SPOTTED: Apple Cabin *Newbies*

Skinny weave belts galore! Or well, they actually have more than just skinny weaved belts. Have a look see, you never know, you might just find the right one!

SPOTTED: Life at the Fab Lane *Newbies*

Liking this cute dress already? And it's going for only rm35, can? OMG, that's a total steal there already! Woot! Go on ahead and place your orders today

SPOTTED: A Model Studio

Aww.. isn't that just gorgeous? The little teddies on a quilted hoodie like that. Tee-hee. I think it's totally adorable. And one that keeps you warm too!

Charming Pieces

Haven't seen her creations in a while and we sure do miss them, no? And this time, she made one in my fav colour, white! *grins* This is gorgeous, no?

SPOTTED: Oozora.tang

Check out those buttons there already! They're huge! And they look adorable too, don't they? Tee-hee. For buttons fans out there, this one here is so calling your name

SPOTTED: Cat in a Bowl

Talk about the festivity! They brought in three different designs for you to choose from and they all look gorgeous! Have a blast at this year's CNY by donning on these beauties

SPOTTED: Chamber of Fashion

A satin halter like this, when paired with the classic black high waisted skirt looks awesome, no? Tee-hee. Available in a variety of colours, so take your pick already

SPOTTED: Hazel Mazel

Here you go butterfly lovers! A top adorened with cute little butterflies all over. Like, literally! Woot! This is just too cute to resist. Plus, the price? Total steal!


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