Monday, January 12, 2009

SPOTTED: The Attire's Attic

How's that for a bag for 2009? And this one here comes with a sling as well too! So wear it the way you want it babes! Woot! And for a price like this, I reckon, it's a good investment, no?

SPOTTED: Hi, Betty!

Check this one here out already! There is a drape at the front which totally gives this dress the extra edge there, no? Plus, you can always tuck it in with a cincher, or not


Gorgeous white updates they brought in there. And check out the puffy sleeves on this one here already. Woot! Isn't that fab? Plus for a price like this, totally affordable!

SPOTTED: Zarfa Wardrobe

They too brought in their very own sling bag! Isn't it cute? Just perfect for a day out with the necessities, no? And totally convenient for us as well too

SPOTTED: Sasha Vintage

Get that sexytary look there with some vintage goodies already babes! Woot! And it costs you only a fraction of what we would have to pay for the big brands!

SPOTTED: Closetz Galore

Hey, remember these? Man, were they a hit or what! And now it looks like they have some new designs for us. Woot! This is fab news! Do hurry and get yours before they're gone!

SPOTTED: Iccy House

I noticed like almost every other babe has one up near their elbow. I looked at my own elbow and I don't have one?! Oh dear, I must be totally missing out. If you're like me, here's where to get some!

SPOTTED: Princess Feverlicious

I dunno about you, but I sure love plain tops like these with a little ruched at the bust. Makes it all, not so basic no more, can? Tee-hee. And that's what we like!

SPOTTED: Mon Cheri

How about some high waisted pants there eh? We sure need more! Especially with the amount of tops we got in our closet, we need more than skirts and leggings to match them with

SPOTTED: Simply Pretty Things

Ooo.. some fancy imported lip balm! And there are so many flavours to choose from, you're really spoilt for choice! Woot! This is great. You so got to check them out


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