Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SPOTTED: The Chocolate Buttons

Looking for a classic LBD? Then this might just be the one for you. Plain and simple, with lace details around the bust area. Sounds like your dress already?

SPOTTED: Princess Feverlicious

Ahh.. we got them plain, now we even got them striped and polka dotted! How cute is that already? Tee-hee. Always aim to stand out, aren't we?

SPOTTED: Bebel Nina

How about some classic checks? Especially when its red and black, you can never go wrong with this one. This style? Stays for all time! *grins*

SPOTTED: Bimbs Wardrobe

More ruffles? This time on a dress. Who ever said your LBD cannot have some ruffles on 'em eh? Tee-hee. Time for change babes! This is what the new year is about!

SPOTTED: Frozen Petalz

Having went MIA for a while, they are back in action with that classic ruffled top that looks awesome paired up with some high waisted skirts! Woot!

SPOTTED: Forever Boutique

Besides going all gaga over red for the coming Chinese New Year, yellow is totally the colour for this season! Plus it's "ong" like the chinese say, no?

SPOTTED: Funk Shop Fifty Five

They call it the Marty skinnies *grins* Isn't that cute? Wild prints lovers, this one here is so totally calling your name! Hurry and get your hands on a pair already!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

There she goes again! Oh my, she really is on an updating spree isn't she? Time for some pussybow, two toned dress! Woot! Looking good already there

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

Ahh.. we all know this too well, no? The kitty without the mouth but yet is famous all over the world! For all those who adore this cat, now you can have some bling inspired by the very same kitty!


While prom and such are over for the most of us, it's never too late to own a pair of gorgeous shoes, no? Especially when they're gold with peep toes as well too *giggles*


Your sister in shopping

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