Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SPOTTED: Crazy Wardrobe

A little crop jacket with Peter Pan collar and cute sleeves. It's about all things cute and keeping you cosy all at the same time. What more could you ask for?

Ancient Orchids

While it may not be the auspicious shade of colour to wear, you're sure gonna wanna dress in season for the coming festivity, no? And an oriental top like this says it all

SPOTTED: La'Belle Closet

Get yourself more mini dresses with adorable checks and pockets! I'm totally starting a collection of these little mini dresses already. Are you too?

SPOTTED: Bows Lover

They're doing a promo! You buy the whole set and get it for a more affordable deal compared to making the purchases separately! Ooo.. this is awesome!


A tube dress with the a touch of batik design onto it. A mix of the modern and the traditional. Looks like we're getting in touch with our roots here, no?

SPOTTED: Daisy Dearisx

Check that top out already! Woot! Pink and laced up, this corset top here sure spells out sexy-licious in the making alright *winks*

SPOTTED: Simpli-cious

Sparkly and dazzling this one is *giggles* You're so gonna stand out in the crowd with this one here alright. They have it in gold and other awesome classic colours as well too

SPOTTED: Dressierre

Whoa.. check out that high waisted shorts already babes! One button, plenty of pockets, gonna be handy when you least expect it to be, no? *grins*


Your sister in shopping

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