Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Checkered goodies, more! Now we even got some cute mini skirts to go along with this line *grins* Isn't that great? Plus, if you're a big fan of checks, they got shorts in this design as well too!

SPOTTED: Mon Cheri

More dual toned goodies are up for grabs! Would you believe that this dress is only going for rm33?! That's inclusive of postage as well, can?! Total STEAL!

Bebel Nina

Check out that line of buttons down this blouse here! Woot! Plus the puffy sleeves there, this sure is one blouse that stands out in the crowd, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: A Fashion Reborn

Ooo.. wow. This sure is a shiny shimmery piece alright *giggles* Definitely a simple top that well, isn't so simple after all compared to what we've seen so far, no? Only one piece left, hurry to make that yours!

Delora's Wardrobe

Get yourself a whole load of these cute dresses! All cowl necks mini dresses with pockets are so the "in" thing at the mo! I'ma totally loving it already, aren't you too?!

Creme Brulee

Get yourself some striped pumps! Woot! Shoes, shoes and more shoes. We surely can never get enough with the abundance amount of designs out there, no?

Addicted 2 Fashion

Some puffy sleeved turtlenecks? I think I'm developing a love for them! They're comfy, pretty and definitely cosy especially when you spend most of your time in an air-conditioned room!

SPOTTED: Petite Four

How about some dual toned tops instead, eh? *giggles* We sure love it when they play with colours like so. Especially this shade? That's a first for many of us, no?


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