Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SPOTTED: Round Bean

This one here is so inspired by Tous, no? Tee-hee. That cute little teddy! Have you got some creative designs for your very own charmbracelet? Then send them in and have it made!

Dress Cube

This top here would look fab with leggings, no? *grins* I'd sure think so! It gives a bit of the oriental touch with that neckline there and the pleats too!

SPOTTED: SuperRolling

Have been seeing so many apparels with bows lately. Now even the bags and shoes have them. So cute, no? Especially when the bow is extra big as well too!

Divas Fashionista

Check it out! This isn't just another floral design dress. This one here is from Forever21! you got that right babes, she has brought in some goodies from the US! Go check 'em out already!

SPOTTED: The Chocolate Buttons

Looking for more red dresses? They're here alright. This one here, with the length to boot, it's definitely in tune for the festive season there alright! Woot!

The Shoplifters

Look who's got some awesome peep toes for us babes! Woot! Boosting a 3 inch heel there, nothing too much, just enough to give you a little leverage and show that pair of shoes off!

SPOTTED: Lush Serendipity

See? What did I tell you about them bows! *giggles* They are totally hitting our shoe racks now aren't they? And this is great! Because I so need to shoe shop now!

SPOTTED: Secretly Lovely

Even on maxi dresses, eh? Tee-hee. Who would have thought? But it's here alright and looking good along with the floral prints there! Woot!

SPOTTED: Only Branded Replica

Like the name goes, all you'll find here are branded replicas! And they look almost genuine, can? You can now own one of these without breaking the bank at all!


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