Sunday, January 4, 2009


Maxi dresses, s'more! With pretty flowers blossoming in this one here, this dress is sure to make you look sweet already, can? Plus, they have other colours and designs as well. Go check it out!

SPOTTED: Round Bean

A 3D charm for a change eh? Tee-hee. May it be filled with plenty of happiness and blessings for this new year 2009! Woot! An appropriate gift for the new year, no?

SPOTTED: Wings of Fashion

Aww.. what a sweet little pink mini dress this one is *giggles* I'd sure like this one very much, don't you too? And it has a ribbon tie back as well too! Woot!

SPOTTED: Le Femme Fatale

More accessories for the lovely you! They have brought in plenty of funky-licious bangles this round. So what are you waiting for?! Grab 'em and start matching them with your clothes already!

SPOTTED: Phe-Lau-Wer

Now, now boys, don't say we forgot all about you! We got spidey baby milo tees just for you! *giggles* And they look really cute as well too, no? *winks* get it for the darling boifee already!

SPOTTED: Favourite Boutique

A little Bohemian touch to this blouse here, it's feminine, simple, white and pretty, no? Something like this sure is a worthy buy already! Plus, totally affordable too!

SPOTTED: The Colour Theory

Nothing like a simple satin dress with a rose. Ahh.. seems like floral designs are coming to play in all different forms now aren't they? Tee-hee. More variety for us! Woot!

SPOTTED: Trendy Confessions

If you're totally into something low, low, low.. then this dress is just perfect for you! Check out that neckline there. You're sure to turn heads wherever you go with this one here

SPOTTED: Glam Avenue

Pretty sparkly accessories are up for grabs! And they come in different colours and shapes as well too! Isn't that great? We're sure to find something we adore, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Coco Goddess

More trench coats in the closet for you? *winks* And at such an affordable price, you'd be silly to say no to this one. Limited in number so do hurry and place your orders for your very own!

SPOTTED: Rosette Couture

Tee-hee. This is sure to be one perfect tee to shoo off them paparazzi! Or.. whoever who seems to be stalking you. More statement tees are up for grabs, are you game for one?

SPOTTED: The Kittencake Shop

Simple frills on this one here. Sweet in colour and awesome material there. And of course, if you have too much of this shade in your closet, you can choose other available colours too!

SPOTTED: JunkzDeluxe

A Supre dress going for rm80 only?! That's right babes. No joke there. She has brought in goodies from various brands at some ridiculously cheap prices! OMG, hurry and get yours!


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