Sunday, January 4, 2009

More newbies to join us!

SPOTTED: Princess Feverlicious

A very unique design for a handbag that is small enough to turn into a clutch! Plenty of compartments available which is totally suitable for us who somehow have heaps of things to bring along wherever we go, no?

SPOTTED: The Four Seasons Affair

Plain kimonos, anyone? They have two designs, one with the back tie and one with the usual empire waisted tie! Which one suits you then? Plenty of colours to choose from as well

SPOTTED: Revamped

Bringing to you oh-so-girly girl charms, you totally cannot resist this one here! While they have ceased business sometime back, they are, as the name says, revamped and back in business!

SPOTTED: Fashion Palettes

A white shirt but oh, wait! Check out the cure ribbon features above the elbow there. that's so adorable, no? Something totally different from what we usually see, definitely!

SPOTTED: Petite Delight

I think this top looks fab! And not only so, the colour is totally one of a kind, not the usual black or white we usually have, no? Plus, the belt? Totally comes along with the top too! Woot!


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