Thursday, January 29, 2009

SPOTTED: Perfectionist Shopaholic *Newbie*

More perfumes? *giggles* I personally adore them and also love collecting their bottles, especially the miniature ones! Now that the prices are way lower, aren't you gonna get more?!

SPOTTED: Heaven for Angels

Those sure are a pair of adorable leggings there isn't it? *giggles* Baby pink and with a ribbon tie as well too? Ooo.. must have! *winks*

SPOTTED: Doublewoot

They're back with more limited edition goodies! And the maxi craze is here to stay as well. Autumn leaves a falling, somehow makes your figure taller and slimmer too!

SPOTTED: Apple Cabin

A plain white tee eh? But wait, this also comes with puffy sleeves and lace around the neck line too! Ooo.. Not your average white tee there no more!

SPOTTED: Yuka's Personal Paradise

Legs slimming socks? Serves both a practical and a cosmetic purpose as well too! Woot! Totally sometime to try on, no? Even if it doesn't show the result you like, it's still a good pair of socks!

SPOTTED: Dainty Dreams

I sure do miss the butterfly charms! They're always so pretty, especially when you pair them up with beads like these! *giggles* Simply adorable!


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