Thursday, January 29, 2009

SPOTTED: Sleek Sisters *Newbie*

If you haven't noticed, there has been a fair share of zipped up dresses available online, no? *giggles* Seems like the next trend in town already. Hurry to get yours!

SPOTTED: Trend Reports *Newbie*

Fancy some batwings there? And seriously, look at them go! Woot! This sure is to make you look uber slim, especially those who are worried about the arms!

SPOTTED: Evacaely

Red and all things girly girl plus a Coco Chanel charm as well?! Ooo.. we so gotta have it already can? I'm pretty sure you're itching to add on just one more charmbracelet to the collection!

My Clothes Affair

Canvas bags going for only rm25! And you got tons of Baby Milo all over it too, no? *giggles* Carry your own canvas bag and save the environment!

Shopping Playground

Floral cinchers? I know there were several requests for this item back then. If you haven't found yours, this could be just the next perfect alternative choice!


Your sister in shopping

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