Friday, February 20, 2009


Seems that there has been someone claiming to be from the "customs" with regards to pre-order issues among blogshops. The email goes something as follows:

Good evening,

We are emailing blogshops including yourself, who are currently or have undergone pre-orders procedures online. Due to the uprising cases of scams because of these pre-orders,we are taking extra precautions and thus,we will need full detail/steps of how you are carrying/carried out yourpre-order to determine whether you are legally certified/allowed to carry these out. We will need to contact your suppliers as well,hence, do include their details in your detailed report and after which, we will let you know if indeed, you will be allowed to proceed with your pre-order business.

If in fact, we find out your pre-order is a scam, you and anyone else involved will be punished severely. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Customs Officer.

There has been a few e-shop owners who have received this e-mail and believe it is a scam to find out the suppliers of the goods being sold. It is suspicious as the e-mail sounded very informal and may loopholes were found. For those who have more information, kindly post comments


Anonymous said...

This is just low. Obviously a bid to find out about other people's suppliers.

Friend said...

No,it is not a valid email from customs. You can be sure of that.