Friday, February 20, 2009

SPOTTED: Chic-N-Clever *Newbie*

Haven't seen them fluttering by lately and I sure do miss them! Looking especially gorgeous when perched on a pearl like this, no? *grins* Glam and playful all in one!


Dual toned dresses with a turtleneck? Looking gorgeous there already babes! Tee-hee. There's just something for everyone out there, isn't it? This one here perfect for looking chic and keeping you warm!

SPOTTED: Umei Worlds *Newbie*

More accessories! Ahh.. bracelets! Triple layered with them beads like so. How awesome is that already? Tee-hee. Something different from the usual charm bracelets we've been seeing, no?

SPOTTED: Lollipop Wardrobe

Shorts with suspenders! Ahh.. don't you miss them? Especially with removable straps like these here, how can you resist? Tee-hee. Totallt versatile, can?

SPOTTED: I Love Lash *Newbie*

I personally do not know how to wear them, but I think they look absolutely gorgeous! Especially when I have pretty short lashes. Oops.. Plenty of choices for you here!

SPOTTED: Our Mutual Passion

Sling or tote? Whichever way it maybe, this bright orange bag here sure is here to make your day a happy hippy one, no? *grins*

Shoppink Queen

High waisted shorts with a whole lot of buttons! *grins* How about that eh babes? They even have it in purple! Woot! Grab them before it's all gone!

SPOTTED: Shopping Playground

Puffy sleeves sure make a good piece for work wear, no? Tee-hee. And they even got one in turqouise, can? How about that already? No more boring colours!

SPOTTED: 1 Babe Shop

Oh my! Quilted Mary Janes? *grins* That's a first for me! And am totally loving it already. Tee-hee. So Chanel inspired, no? *winks*


Your sister in shopping

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