Friday, February 13, 2009

Newbies for the day!

SPOTTED: Hot Chicks Rox

Satisfying your needs for simple and basics! And of course, it comes with an affordable price as well too. That's what we like best, no? Tee-hee

SPOTTED: Dive Silver

They got a whole lot of silver goodies and many are from the underwater theme! That's right, plenty of fishes and mermaids there! Go check it out! Dive in!


More pixel art goodies! And this one here reminds me of nothing than the sexy cat girl. Meow! *grins* It works wonders, this pixel art. Anything is possible!

SPOTTED: Twilight Zone

Maxi dress, more! And though the dress is long, more material and all that stuff, the prices can be lower than an average dress! OMG, this is just fab isn't it babes?


Here we have some more! A pretty little tutu dress there, can? *giggles* I think it's so cute and it'll be perfect for parties and dinner events and of course, special dates!


Your sister in shopping

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