Friday, February 13, 2009

SPOTTED: Enchanting Hearts

Dual toned goodies! And they make perfect outfits for the work place as well too, no? With that price, I'm pretty sure you'd agree with me on this one!

SPOTTED: Goddess City

We sure haven't heard from them in a while already alright! And yet they are back again with very pretty and awesome goodies too! Woot!

Pastel Stripes

That basic button down long sleeved tee! layer it or just wear this on its own. Either way, it sure does look awesome, no? *grins* Perfect for going to classes!

A Fashion Story

Brass goodies sure give away that antique feel, no? *grins* Especially when it comes with a heart charm there. Aww.. just too sweet to resist this one!

The Kooky Thing

Simple black dress with asymmetrical hemline there, no? Sometimes, a little lack of balance is what we like! Have something different than the usual!


Checks! And on a bag, the classic black and white, how can we not like this one here already? *grins* Go crazy with all the checks and make a whole outfit!

Crafted by Mei

More blue goodies! Yes, blue is like the next most popular colour among girls after pink, can? And it totally stands out as well too! Woot!

Excess Baggage

More hobo bags! They are totally in demand, especially when they come in black too! Check out the knotted details at the bottom of this bag here already!


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