Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Newbies for the day!

SPOTTED: Label Leaf

Yup, yet another tube dress! Come on babes, this is totally a necessity! A basic coloured tube dress, goes with any event and anything! *grins*

SPOTTED: The Asasori

Another one up for the accessories! Ahh.. a little add on makes a whole new difference to our outfits ya know? Try it babes! And see for yourself

SPOTTED: Blouses N Buttons

It's not surprise about my love for hoodies. After my tees and jeans of course *grins* This hoodie dress here sure is something casual and totally hot with boots!

SPOTTED: Luscious Lash

All these lashes are sure making you fall in love with them, can? With these here, there is no need for painful eyelash curlers and what nots! Totally saves time as well too!


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