Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SPOTTED: Candy Cane

Fancy starfishes? *giggles* They sure are a cute bunch aren't they? And when not too many, they look great on a charmbracelet like this one here!

SPOTTED: Phelauwer Boutique

Seeing all these shoes sure are making me want more! Though I love my books better *grins* Selling fast and the sizes are running out so hurry and get yours already!

SPOTTED: Life at the Fab Lane

Whoever invented the pussybow sure knows how to mix fun at the workplace! Something simple but nevertheless versatile. Plus, you can tie it all sorts of ways too


Like tartan frenzy is here to hit the town! All blazers, so totally Gossip Girl, can? Only one left as well too! Are you gonna get your hands on this one?

SPOTTED: Lovely Lolitas

One shoulder maxi dress! Woot! And I heard these were all brought in from abroad, can? OMG, you have to own it already! So gorgeous!

SPOTTED: Fashion Attic

Everyone's got their hands on a patent clutch, no? They're all in one, fits everything we need and hey, they totally fit in the scene as well too!

SPOTTED: Kyo Fashion

Back again with plenty of charmbracelets. Be it plain and simple ones like these or colorful ones to totally make your day! They're all here for you!

SPOTTED: White Label

Aww.. butterflies on a dress, can? It's been a while since I've seen any of those there already *grins* And totally the garden on my dress kinda dress!

SPOTTED: Red Lips Closet

Some snakeskin T-bar wedges! *grins* That is sure one amazing piece, no? All imported and looking great! Did I ever tell you I got a thing for wedges? *grins*


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